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November 9, 2013
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Missy Is Rockn' It by MissyTheUnicorn  


MissyTheUnicorn ~ Founder Of The World Wide OCs

Well, in case you guys don't know what the hell's I'm talking about, let me explain it:
  "The World Wide OCs (WWOs) is a picture of all kinds of OCs from a crossed the world."
Ok. So, 2012's WWOs was pretty bad. I didn't like it. But, I've gotten better at drawing ponies, ALOT BETTER. 

Ok, so I've done ONE change. I'm not going to do full bodies this time. I'm doing icons. Yup. Icons! But not pixels, alot bigger, but icon size. You should get it. 

So, this is going to be pretty short. So here are the rules if you wanna put your OC in here:
• It MUST be a pony (next year, I am doing lions and griffins along with ponies)
• If you put your OC in here, it MUST be your pony, do not steal one from someone because I REALLY don't want people to say I stole.
• When you send me your pony, it must have very good detail to it, nothing sloppy.
• Yes, I will credit you.
• You can have up to 3 ponies.
Send me your ponies in the comment thing in this journal!

Ok, I also want to put out there that in 2012's WWOs I said I was going to sale posters and stuff,  well, that didn't happen. Well, to make it up, I am going to do speed drawings of this. Now that I have a youtube. I also want you to know that I need music! So, send me music! Please, send me music on my profile page, not here. 

Ok, I also want you point out I will not be here for a few days, I am going somewhere with my family. So, when I come back I can get started on World Wide OCs 2013. I will keep track of all OCs you guys send to me. 

World Wide OCs - 2012 by MissyTheUnicorn

List of OCs in Order:

:iconaxelrules1231: (OC:… )
:iconklhoo: (OCs: )
:iconmomokotara: (OCs…… )
:iconsarahmfighter: (OC:…… )
:iconribbetlion: (…… )
:iconkamiwolf13: (OC:… )
:iconkasaitoaisu: (OC:… )
:iconhootsburgh: (OC: twilightsparkleluver.deviantar… )
:iconsjart117: (OC:… )
:iconroy11700: (OC:… )
:iconshiverix: (OC: )
:iconheroace: (OC: )
:iconvinyl-beat: (OC: )
:iconinsanekitteh: ( )
:iconkikuri-tan: ( )
:iconmysticblare: ( )
:iconciitynights: (OC:…… )
:iconrobokitty: ( )
:iconfancyfeline: ( )
:iconorangeei: ( )
:iconlizyos: (… )
:icon1mbean: ( )
:iconkio-mystery: ( )
:iconstickman16: ( )
:iconvanilla-twilight03: ( )
:iconmystic-l1ght: ( )
:iconloveheart-the-pony: ( )
:iconbenybing: ( )
:iconlouisaponyartist: ( )
:iconpencil-ppg: ( )
:iconridgegirl: ( )
:icondancingwithashadow: ( )
:iconvalor-force: ( )
:iconanzu18: ( )
:iconpaintdust: ( )
:iconknight-of-luna: ( )
:iconrunnie-undies: ( )
:iconkurofa: (… )
:iconaffcia: ( )
:icontrainman3985: ( )
:iconadorkable-rainbows: ( )
:iconjellycredible: ( )
:iconuniquejack: ( )
:iconneoscrin: ( )
:iconlpscarman: ( )
:iconlady-blush: ( )
:iconforeshadowart: ( )
:iconsnowglobe73: (… )
:iconcj-rav3r: ( )
:icondarkmoonponyartist: ( )
:iconrainbow-blackie: (OC: )
:iconowl-parchment: (OC: )
:iconmilkywut: (OC:… )
:iconsolaralicorn: (OC: )
:icondigiteku: (OC:… )
:iconrhauniffer: (OC: )
:iconneonrainbowdash122: (OC: )
:icona-mad-russian-pony: (OC: )
:iconequinepalette: (OC: )
:icon88ms-allie88: (OC: )
:iconcelinesparkle: (OC: )
:icongingerluna: (OC: )
:iconredgryph0n: (OC: )
:iconzoey-pie: (OC: )
:iconzero-the-heroine: (OC: )
:icontexas-doughnut: (OC: )
:icon2oliizzle: (OC: )
:iconcitrussqueeze: (OC: )
:iconsymphonicfire: (OC: )
:iconbre-ce-cuca: (OC: )
:iconponyloveme: (OC:  )
:iconmlpt-fan: (OC: )
:icondakotawilk: (OC: )
:iconwindizza: (OC: )
:iconhaloprime: (OC: )
:iconkakssa: (OC: )
:iconauro90: (OC: )
:iconharmonycharmer: (OC: )
:iconringleaderrio-rio: (OC:… )
:iconlittlesnowyowl: (OC: )
:iconlilytehminepony: (OC: )
:iconladymoomoo: (OC: )
:iconprincesstwilightp0ny: (OC: )
:iconpastelpen: (OC:  )
:iconremixrose: (OC: )
:iconpolkamena: (OC: )
:iconcolor-clouds: (OC: )
:iconthe-e-guess-corner: (OC: )
:iconfirebananablitz: (OC:… )
:iconbronyvagineer: (OC: )
:iconhamtro1: (OC: )
:iconvomwerth: (OC: )
:iconsarahhardy01: (OC: )
:iconizzabella31: (OC: )
:iconemeraldbeam: (OC: )
:iconfirephoenixx456: (OC: )
:iconshadowblazer3: (OC: )
:iconjess080066: (OC: )
:iconakirabk: (OC: )
:iconsunburnt-bliss: (OC: )
:icontomradem: (OC:  )
:iconparfaitpichu: (OC: )
:icondrawingdye: (OCs:  )
:iconmecharuby: (OCs:  )
:iconiinkydinky: (OCs: )
:iconvoid-adoptables: (OCs:  )
:iconkoolcatloveanimals: (OCs: )
:iconericspetz: (OCs:  )
:iconhitmewithbrokenleave: (OCs:  )
:iconthegreatkazzy: (OCs:  )
:iconsolnashko: (OCs:  )
:iconlost-in-equestria: (OCs: )
:icontinkr-tailr-sldr-spy: (OCs:  )
:iconsh4dowdusk: (OCs:… )
:icontaquitoqueen: (OCs:  )
:iconmusicaltoaster: (OCs:  )
:iconcompassroses: (OCs: )
:iconpyscosnowflake: (OCs:  )
:iconiflutterwonderi: (OCs:  )
:iconxx-artbloqued-xx: (OCs:  )
:iconbr0k3n-pr0mis3s: (OCs:  )
:icontiny-whooves: (OCs:  )
:iconbronysinc: (OCs:  )
:iconvividcaffiene: (OCs:  )
:iconsarahostervig: (OCs:  )
:iconpsycho-candyaddicted: (OCs:  )
:iconisybee101: (OCs: )
:icondj-acid-rain: (OCs:  )
:iconhinamorimiku: (OCs:  )
:iconstar4567980: (OCs:  )

~I'm still taking OCs!~

Thank you for sending in OCs! I should get done at the end of December  or  sometime in January. :meow: If you see any mess ups in the list, please let me know.

Join my group!  PixelPerfectPony:


After the WWOs, I will post it. I will not post much in awhile though because of school work. I also will let everyone view it too. I would LOVE comments, and favs! 
But please, after I post the WWOs, I will not be editing other people's OCs in it, why? Because I will not have time. Last year people were telling me I am not putting effort in it, and that really hurt me. Please, don't be like that. And please do NOT hunt down thins journal and post your OCs for next years because I will most likely forget about it. 

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Here's my Oc, Leon Mcpixelz.… Thanks if you placed him in the List. it means  lot.
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